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08.05.2015 News  

Gartner: Reifer Markt für Mobile Apps

#Gartner_IncApp-Anbieter müssen sich auf Kundenbindungsstrategien konzentrieren, um ihre Bedeutung im Markt zu sichern, so Gartner. Laut einer Studie des IT Research- und Beratungsunternehmens sind die Nutzer überwiegend zufrieden und integrieren Apps immer mehr in ihren Alltag. Das bedeutet für App-Anbieter, dass diese vorausdenken und Entwicklung, Marketing und Branding nun mehr auf Kundenbindung ausrichten müssen. Für die Studie waren über 2.000 App-Anwender in den USA und Deutschland befragt worden. Weitere Aussagen:

  • After eight years of searching for, downloading and using smartphone apps, users are maturing in their usage behaviours – however, we may see those patterns change in the future as users integrate apps more deeply into their daily lives.
  • User interest in apps has mellowed now that they have integrated apps into their use of personal technology and their interaction with brands while online. Although usage remains high, users may not want or need more apps in the future. This is cause for some concern for app providers because if users become too complacent then app businesses could suffer from lack of engagement or slowing growth.
  • Respondents were asked which apps they had used on their smartphone in the last three months and how frequently they had used them. While it is clear that app use is high across all categories, some categories of apps, such as social networking and video, have a very high overall weekly usage. Usage rates, some approaching daily use for most users, are consistent with other observations of the marketplace, such as how businesses brand and use apps as a main touchpoint. Even for a less-used app category, for example fitness, there is high use within that group. Fitness has only 23 per cent and 16 per cent use (in the US and Germany, respectively) among all smartphone users, but for those who use fitness apps, more than seven out of 10 are using those apps weekly or more frequently.

Mehr zur Thematik bietet der Report “Market Trends: Mobile App Adoption Matures as Usage Mellows”, der hier erworben werden kann.